By Kyle Bahr
Transcribed By Crypto Vince

Hi, my name is Kyle and I have been a community member of the Hex community since early 2019. I’m a software engineer by trade, formerly of Netflix and currently with another large tech company.

I wanted to talk today a little bit…

The Kryptosparbuch team sits down with Fabian, a developer from HexBay, to discuss sellable/transferable Hex stakes

As a Hex community member, the reason I took the time to transcribe this entire interview from audio to text is because I see much strife and discord within the community that I suspect might be due to confusion and misinformation.

In an attempt help get everyone on the same…

This is a continuation of the interview between Dev Kyle Bahr and Kryptosparbuch. In Part 2, they discuss the mechanics behind passive compounding in the Hex share price system.

Kryptosparbuch: So we talked about the security today a lot. Now it’s time to move away from that, even though it…

On Dec. 3rd, 2020, software developer Kyle Bahr sat down with Kryptosparbuch to chat about Hex, in celebration of its 1-year anniversary. This will be a multi-part transcription of the interview so that Hexicans can enjoy the interview in a written format and hopefully gain deeper insight into Hex. This…

Vince C.

Crypto lover, headphone audiophile, freelance musician.

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